Video Friday: No Worries, Keep Driving – Post Carbon Institute on Fossil Fools and Fracking

A dose of energy reality from the Post Carbon Institute This video from the Post Carbon Institute discusses the reality of our current energy economy and why leaders from both parties have bought into the recent hype that reliance on natural gas fracking and unconventional sources of oil – “tight” oil and tar sands – can stabilize our economy without…

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NASA Publicizes Research in Cold Fusion Energy Technology

While not much has been heard in the mainstream media since the controversial (and unverifiable) claims by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman in 1989 for cheap, clean, and safe energy from nuclear “cold” fusion, the idea has not been abandoned altogether. In fact, a recent video released by NASA shows ongoing research into what is more formally known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions…

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Sustainable agriculture will depend on perennial strains of wheat

Sustainable Agriculture and Land Institute Founder Wes Jackson’s 50-Year Plan

Wes Jackson is president and founder of the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. The Land Institute is an agricultural research facility whose purpose is to “develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of the prairie and a grain yield comparable to that from annual crops.” The key to sustainable agriculture, says Jackson, is a shift away from annual crops…

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An Open Letter to President Obama from the Post Carbon Institute

February 1, 2010 Dear President Obama, Your State of the Union speech last week laudably referenced clean tech and renewable energy several times. We ask that you follow your words with action, by leading the transition to a post-carbon economy and a healthier world. You also spoke of our need to face hard truths. Hard truth: Our continued, willful reliance…

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