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It’s 3AM in the Whitehouse – What is the Next

Honestly, if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning at the White House (and the phone isn’t ringing), I hope the next president is getting some sleep. We need a well-rested president. But just in case the president is laying awake considering all the important issues before the nation and the world, I wonder how climate change and […]Read More

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Congress Introduces Bill Reversing EPA Decision on California Waiver

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Thursday that would reverse the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent denial of a waiver allowing California to regulate vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. The bill would also allow at 12 other states to pursue similar laws already on their books (Florida and Utah may join in as well). The Daily Green […]Read More

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EPA Chief is Busy – The Supreme Court Will Have

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Stephen Johnson testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday. Throughout his testimony Johnson was unable to directly answer Senator Dianne Feinstein’s questions regarding the Supreme Court ruling last year giving the EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Johnson instead cited the “myriad” issues he was personally involved with, but declined to state who […]Read More

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George Bush and his “Scorched Earth” Budget – A Synopsis

The following items caught my attention today: Writing in the Huffington Post today, Carl Pope uses the analogy of the common wartime tactic of the “scorched earth” policy of a retreating army to describe George Bush’s recent budget submission to Congress.  Joel Connelly of the Seattle PI warns that, while most of the country is immersed […]Read More

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What About Those Plans for Clean Coal?

Hours after President Bush called for continued development of clean coal and carbon sequestration technologies, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman cancelled the FutureGen project based in Mattoon, Illinois. FutureGen is (was) a low emission coal gasification project that the Bush administration has supported for the last five years. The decision has understandably raised the ire of congressman and state legislators […]Read More