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The Power and Energy of the Fossil Fuel Industry

If our leaders can't stand up to the vested interests of Big Oil and Big Coal, then we must do it ourselves. It is time for a change.

Amidst the devastation that is, or perhaps was, the Gulf Coast, an immense spill in China, thousands of abandoned offshore wells continuously leaking, and the effects of GHG-driven climate change becoming increasingly apparent, one could have thought that now is the time for climate legislation. But alas, no – as evident in the wake, (and I mean wake) of the Senate’s failure to pass …

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Will Europe Become Energy Independent in a Generation?

The Europeans seem confident they’re at a competitive advantage in the current climate and economic crisis because they’ve been playing by the (environmental) book for the past decade. Brussels has just adopted an Energy and Climate Package (pdf) that insiders boast will set the scene for a “new global industrial revolution”.  Those are the very words the European Energy commissioner used to describe the …

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The Water Rights Grab: Big Business, Investors Push for Privatization

The fifth World Water Forum took place in Istanbul last week, generating more controversy, debate and public demonstrations than the Turkish government may have anticipated. As participants heard and hashed out their views, critics contend that a push to privatize water resources will threaten societies and the environment around the world, hitting the poorest countries and agriculture the hardest.

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Gore Challenges Country: 100% Electricity Production From Sources Producing No Carbon Emissions

In a bold “Apollo-like” statement, delivered today from Washington D.C., former Vice President and Nobel Peace Laureate Al Gore challenged the nation to commit to a renewable energy economy, and to do it now – within the next ten years. Proposing that all electrical generation come from renewable, non-carbon emitting sources is …achievable, affordable, and transformative”, Gore said. Stating that the common problems facing the country are intertwined, Gore called …

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It’s Official: EPA Throws Climate “Under the Bus”

While no surprise, it is now official. The EPA, at the apparent bidding of the White House, will do nothing about climate change and carbon emissions until the next administration. On Friday Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson did an end run around the April 2007 Supreme Court ruling requiring that the EPA must take steps to assess the risk of greenhouse gas emissions and, unless there is …

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