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White House “Eviscerates” CDC Report to Congress on Health Effects of Global Warming

That is how one Center for Disease Control official characterized the White House’s “editing” of the draft report for testimony before a Senate Hearing on the health impacts of climate change. The White House, true to form, denies any attempt at “watering down” the testimony given by CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding. Of the 12 page draft presented to the White House Office of Management …

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A Proper Perspective on the Global Warming Debate

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle’s SFGate.com, Debra Saunders takes U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to task on his approach to dealing with global warming and climate change. Her principal point, that China and India (especially China) are just as responsible as the United States for significant reduction in current use and future growth of greenhouse gas emissions, is well taken. And even though China has …

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The Candidates on Global Warming

  The US Presidential election is over 15 months away and already we’re sick of it, right? But wait, before we become all numb from the endlessly repeated talking points and slick rhetoric, let’s not forget to assess the candidates’ stand on global warming and climate change. A good reference is available from the Council of Foreign Relations. It is encouraging to see that …

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