As climate change advances in the Arctic, polar bear populations continue to suffer

Polar Bears are Suffering from the Ravages of Climate Change

The polar bear is emblematic of the Canadian wilderness, but as an apex predator, they are also one of the species most at risk from climate change. The Arctic is experiencing the effects of global warming more than any other place on Earth. Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at almost twice the rate of the rest of the world,…

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EarthTalk: Polar Bears in Trouble and the Promise of Biomass

This week’s EarthTalk from E Magazine discusses the threats facing polar bears and the promise and potential of using biomass as a component to solving our energy challenges.

Obama’s Polar Bear Action

Polar bears have been cut a tough deal but help is on its way. The Bush administration recognized them as an endangered species due to their shrinking habitat, yet did nothing to prevent the actual causes behind this. And on its way out, the previous government made matters worse, leaving their protection up to the discretion of regular federal officers…

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New Study Shows Polar Bears in Western Arctic Going Hungry

New research indicates that polar bears in the western Arctic are finding it increasingly difficult to find food during the critical spring season.The study by Seth Cherry and Andrew Derocher of the University of Alberta reveals that the number of undernourished bars has tripled in the past twenty years. The Alberta scientists and their colleagues monitored the health of polar…

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