Research Reveals Climate Change’s Role in Migrations, Refugee Crises

Climate change is contributing to forced mass migrations and refugee crises around the world, raising the potential for all sorts of conflict – social, political and military. Fleeing armed conflict is clearly the reason in some parts of the world, the flood of migrants flooding into Western Europe from Syria and Libya, for example. It’s clear that the effects of…

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California Scientists Create E.Coli-based Fuel That’s Much More Efficient Than Ethanol

U.S. scientists say they can turn E.coli, a strain of bacteria present in the human digestive tract, into a fuel that is twice or three times more efficient than ethanol. The scientists, attached to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) managed to create a strain for the first time that generates alcohol with five carbon atoms per molecule…

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European Scientists: Focusing On Lowering Temperatures Rather Than CO2 Reductions Makes Economic Sense

Scientists in Europe have published research which shows that by focusing on lowering temperatures, rather than on reducing CO2 emissions, sizable cost benefits are achieved.