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Is CO2 a Natural Byproduct of – Nature?

Michelle Bachmann and her understanding of CO2 and climate

CO2 and climate Ah, the magnificent grasp Congresswoman Michele Bachmann commands on the English language: “CO2 is a naturally occurring byproduct of nature.” As opposed to all the unnatural byproducts of nature? Her mangled language aside, Ms. Bachmann displays the simple-minded, even childish, assertion that more of a “good” – or in this case “natural” –  thing is the desired goal. Totally missing that …

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Global Warming vs. Climate Change – Which is It?

The latest video from Greenman3610 (a.k.a Peter Sinclair) on the true nature of the difference between “climate change” and “global warming.” It has become a central tenet of climate change (global warming) denial that “the left” has “changed the name” of global warming to climate change because the earth has been cooling for the past decade. Only problem is, the left didn’t and the …

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CO2 is Plant Food – We Need More!

CO2 is plant food, therefore more of it is a good thing Or so goes a common tenet of the climate change disinformation campaign. Similar to the Glenn Beckian idea that “the government wants to tax your breathing,” the notion is based on a poorly understood (or deliberately misrepresented) concept in an effort to twist the truth, sowing doubt and confusion. Plants eat CO2 …

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