Permafrost In Swedish Peatlands is Thawing

Sweden is reporting thawing of permafrost in its Northern lowlands. The researchers blame warmer summers and more winter precipitation. Abisko, the area that is affected, is known for its peat mires. The ground has become unstable and there’s danger of collapse. Sweden is not the only country in the Northern hemisphere which has permafrost on its soil. Roughly 25 percent…

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U.S. Could Experience Impacts of Climate Change Sooner Than Expected

The American Geophysical Union, meeting this week in San Francisco for their annual conference, released a report discussing the potential for abrupt climate change and the likely impacts it would have on the United States. The study, based on the latest scientific data and observations, updates the research of recent reports from key agencies and institutions, including the 2007 assessment…

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Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge: Field Report Update#2

This may be the last update I’ll find time to post until after the completion of the research expedition. Things will be very busy from here on out. The field work was delayed due to poor weather conditions, so yesterday was our first day in the field. Today the team had to stand down due to the absence of one…

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