World Environment Day: Investing in Carbon Capture and Storage – Nature’s Way

The UNEP releases “The Natural Fix? The Role of Ecosystems Management in Climate Mitigation” – a “rapid response report” marking World Environment Day.

Soil Conservation Key to Carbon Sequestration

Soil’s role as a long-term carbon reservoir is increasingly being recognized even as agriculture and land use continue to reduce and degrade it, a trend that urgently needs to, and can, be reversed, according to a new European Commission report.

Permafrost In Swedish Peatlands is Thawing

Sweden is reporting thawing of permafrost in its Northern lowlands. The researchers blame warmer summers and more winter precipitation. Abisko, the area that is affected, is known for its peat mires. The ground has become unstable and there’s danger of collapse. Sweden is not the only country in the Northern hemisphere which has permafrost on its soil. Roughly 25 percent…

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