Wastin’ Away Again in Petroleumville

Courtesy of the Cartoonist Group and Center for American Progress Recommended reading: Revitalizing Our Economy and the Environment- Five Critical Pieces of a Comprehensive Clean Energy Strategy

Energy and Peak Oil: Richard Heinberg on Peak Oil and Our Energy Future in the 21st Century

A lecture presented by educator and author Richard Heinberg on energy and peak oil, and what it means for society in the 21st century. Heinberg is senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Sebastopol, California.

New Exchange For Trading Home-Brewed Biofuels

Industrially produced biofuels are wildly controversial but it’s very easy to produce good stuff yourself. Small businesses and even individuals are getting into producing their own biodiesel en masse. There’s even a new exchange now on which producers can sell their surplus diesel to interested parties. With petrol prices showing no signs of ending their steep hike, the business logic for producing your own diesel is strong. That’s what people at…

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Breaking News: Bush Lifts Executive Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling

In a morning statement given from the Rose Garden, the White House indicated it plans on lifting the executive ban on offshore oil drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf. The move by itself does not clear the way to drilling, but steps up pressure on Congress to lift its legislative ban on offshore drilling in place since the 1980’s. Through all…

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Where Would Jesus Drill? (Not in ANWR)

Nothing brings out a religious fervor in America than rising gas prices. It seems the sudden surge in the cost of a barrel of oil and the attendant rise in gas prices has Americans, as blogger Charlotte Weybright says, squealing like “stuck pigs”.    Or perhaps bleating like sheep. Sure high fuel prices bite at people just trying to get along. But…

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Avoiding 230 Gigatons of CO2 Emissions – Shell Dialogues 2

  Some 230 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided between now and 2050 – bringing atmospheric CO2 concentrations down 20 parts per million – if carbon capture and storage (CCS) development is pursued aggressively and put into use, according to Shell International’s Unconventional and Enhanced Oil Recovery team.  While the resources devoted to developing renewable energy resources will…

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Cradle2Cradle Begins To Spill Over Into Design

Now that fully biodegradable packaging is beginning to feature in our everyday lives more and more, designers of household items are studying ways to find biodegradable furniture materials. Because why stop at plastic bags? It’s what the cradle to cradle philosophy is all about. This philosophy, C2C for short, was invented a few years back by architect William McDonough and Michael Braungart, a chemist. The two wrote a…

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