Somewhere Over the Rainbow: EDF Oil Spill Video Illustrates the Tragic Irony Unfolding in the Gulf

Originally published at CleanTechies.com by David Yarnold, executive director of Environmental Defense Fund From a comfortable distance the BP oil disaster is depressing and horrific. But up close, it’s worse. Two days in the Gulf of Mexico left me enraged – and deeply resolved. Both the widespread damage and the inadequacy of the response effort exceeded my worst fears. I’d…

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Blotting the Gulf: Latest Impressions from the Gulf Coast and a Look Ahead from Sierra Club’s Michael Brune

Michael Brune, the new executive director for the Sierra Club, spoke yesterday at an international gathering of renewable energy entrepreneurs, policy experts, and advocates. In his remarks, Brune spoke of his most moving image yet of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. It’s a moving and heartbreaking story, but from disaster comes opportunity. Brune message yesterday was not only…

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BP, Meet Cassandra

BP’s Deepwater Horizon’s blowout is the largest oil disaster in the United States, far  surpassing Exxon Valdez, which 21 years ago contaminated 1500 miles of coastline, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of birds, otters, seals and whales, and devastated local communities, which are still dealing with the consequences even today. The lessons to be learned of this incredibly horrific event are…

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