Christopher Swain: Swimming for a Healthier World is a Lesson in Life and a Vision for the Future

Chris Swain is swimming 1000 miles of the Atlantic ocean, from Marblehead, MA to Washington DC, to help raise awareness about the fate of our oceans and teach kids about caring for the environment.

Marine Scientists Call for Sharper CO2 Emissions Cuts to Slow Ocean Acidification

Governments around the world need to take immediate actions to keep atmospheric CO2 levels below 450 ppm in order to slow ocean acidification and avoid potentially drastic effects on marine ecosystems, shellfish and fish populations, according to a group of leading marine scientists.

World Ocean Council formed to foster sustainable seas

Like the atmosphere, efforts to develop and foster sustainable use policies for the world’s ocean require a globally inclusive approach that spans the public and private sectors. Encouragingly, the World Ocean Council at its inaugural meeting brought together participants from around the world and across industry sectors to do just that.