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Texas Renewable Energy Education Center Opens in Texas – Prepares Students for 21st Century Jobs

Offshore wind farms off texas coast will lead to many 21st century jobs

There’s a lot of wind coming out of Texas, and it isn’t just Rick Perry’s newly launched presidential campaign. Texas leads the country in wind technology, with some of the best resources for wind energy production in the world. Starting this August 29, students at Texas State Technical College will be able to prepare themselves for the new energy economy with the opening the school’s …

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Is America Surrendering Its Leadership Role in the New Energy Economy?

A clean energy “call to arms” A new report released today by the Center for American Progress entitled Out of the Running? How Germany, Spain, and China Are Seizing the Energy Opportunity and Why the United States Risks Getting Left Behind explains how clean energy is on track to become one of the biggest global industries in the coming decades. By 2020 the clean energy …

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