New Study Confirms Role CO2 Plays in Driving Global Temperature

Two new research studies quantify greenhouse gas contribution and amplifying effect of CO2 It has long been understood that the natural greenhouse effect, the blanket of heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases, clouds, and water vapor keep Earth from being a frozen, ice-covered ball. One principal skeptic argument regarding the role CO2 plays in global warming has been the vast preponderance of water…

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EarthTalk: Do Volcanic Eruptions Emit More Greenhouse Gases Than From Human Activity?

Earthtalk is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Could it really be true that a single large volcanic eruption launches more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the amount generated by all of humanity over history? – Steve Schlemmer, London, England This argument that human-caused carbon emissions are merely a…

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