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Climate change, the Pentagon, and Gaslight

Climate change is hereby canceled A story published last week in Reuters led with the headline “Pentagon strategy document will not include climate change” Sure, that’s the “official” statement. Gotta keep Mr. Trump and his bumbling buddies happy. Like the president says, “bundle up!” In fact, the military has long understood climate change as a […]Read More

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Admiral David Titley: National Security and Climate Change

Admiral David Titley is Chief Oceanographer and Navigator of the United States Navy. A self-described “former climate skeptic,” Admiral Titley says the evidence has now convinced him that global warming is the “greatest challenge of the 21st century.” Here he talks at the Pentagon on the significant issues of national and global security that will […]Read More

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Fossil Fuels and National Security

Back in 2009 I met David Catarious, a consultant for the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA). David was instrumental in helping prepare a report from a panel of 12 retired military generals and admirals assessing the national and global security risks from climate change and a reliance on fossils fuels. In this Fora.tv video, Vice […]Read More

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Climate News Podcast: Public Sentiment on Climate Legislation – Does

[podcast]http://www.globalwarmingisreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/climate_news-1-26.mp3[/podcast] Environment & Energy reporter Alex Kaplun reports on the gap between consistent polling that shows most American favor passage of a climate and energy bill and the difficulty such legislation has in gaining any real traction in Congress. One of the reasons, the report says, is that astute politicians are skeptical of public sentiment – […]Read More