GE enters the thin-film solar panel market in a big way

G.E. Bursts into the Solar Panel Field Equipped to Succeed

Guest Post by Kriss Bergethon General Electric is planning the largest solar panel factory in the United States, looking to get into the growing “green” industry in a big way, and on an accelerated timeline. According to Victor Abate, vice president for G.E.’s renewable energy business, the news follows G.E.’s ongoing investments in solar panels, and takes their efforts to a…

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Time for Action on Renewable Energy: Paul Gipe on Feed-in Tariffs

[podcast]http://www.globalwarmingisreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/24-Paul-Gipe.mp3[/podcast] In this podcast, Pual Gipe of the Alliance for  Renewable Energy speaks at a recent gathering of renewable energy entrepreneurs, analysts, policy wonks, and leaders from across the globe. the gathering focused on feed-in tariffs as the best means of rapidly deploying renewable energy. It works in Germany and many other countries – it can work in the U.S….

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EarthTalk: Comparing the Costs of Rooftop Solar with Utility Scale Renewable Energy

EarthTalk for Monday, August 17: Comparing the costs of installing a rooftop solar energy system with utility scale renewable energy. Determine the viability of your location with the new “In My Backyard” tool from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.