Native American, Alaskan Native Tribes Partner with DOE to Realize Clean Energy, Climate Plans

A new round of DOE clean energy and energy efficiency funding highlights the pivotal role the federal government is playing in helping Native American and Alaskan Native communities realize ambitious climate, clean energy and sustainable development goals.

Study Aims to Spur Energy Savings, Reduce Emissions in U.S. Cities

A new NREL study provides insight into actions being taken to reduce energy use and emissions in 20 U.S. cities, highlighting additional steps they can take.

With testing of wave energy conversion, Hawaii moves one step closer to providing all its energy needs from renewable energy sources

DOE Announces $10 MM For Wave Energy Conversion Testing In Hawaii

DOE intends to test two advanced-stage, near-full-scale wave energy conversion devices at the U.S. Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site on Oahu offshore the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay. The $10 million in wave energy development funding seems like a natural fit in a state renowned for the power of its ocean waves, and it will add momentum to Hawaii’s drive to forge the foundations of a society powered by clean, renewable energy resources.

DOE Solar Market Pathways Funding To Spur Shared, Community Solar

Some 360,000-plus solar PV systems have been installed by U.S. households, The Dept. of Energy aims to keep the momentum going with the launch of the $15 million Solar Market Pathways funding opportunity, which seeks to spur shared, community solar PV installations across residential and commercial rooftops.

More efficiency is possible using quantum dot solar cell technology

Quantum Dot Solar Cells Show Promising Results

Conventional solar cells capture photons in sunlight and turn it into electricity. This is also true for solar cells that use quantum dots as the photovoltaic material, but with quantum dots, it`s actually possible to harvest “lost” energy that otherwise would end up as heat. This feature is promising to improve overall conversion efficiency of solar cells, which in turn will…

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