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New Research More than Doubles Rate of Abrupt Thawing of

The warming climate may cause the release of a massive, unanticipated burst of methane and carbon dioxide long-locked up in permafrost beneath Arctic lakes by the middle of this century, according to a new study from NASA. Permafrost has been thawing more rapidly as a result of the warming climate and mean annual temperatures have […]Read More

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Europe Launches Fourth Earth Monitoring Satellite as US Congress Readies

The European Space Agency launched the fourth Copernicus-Sentinel Earth systems monitoring satellite this past week. Europe's ongoing investments in space-based earth systems monitoring comes as a plan to axe NASA earth science/climate research budget makes its way to President Trump's desk.Read More

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Latest Projections of Regional Sea Level Rise Emphasize Need for

Sea level rise along all U.S. coasts barring Alaska is projected to be higher than the global average in the three worst-case scenarios -- 0.3-1 meter or more come 2100 -- according to the latest projections from a public-private climate research partnership led by NOAA Read More

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NASA and a Solar Revolution

It’s no secret that the Earth is in dire need of clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels. The source of that clean energy, however, doesn’t necessarily have to be on Earth. The Space Solar Power Initiative (SSPI) is a team of scientists from Caltech that includes researchers from NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory. These scientists propose […]Read More