The Historic Drought of 2012 and the Science of Climate Change

More than half of the U.S. is suffering under drought conditions and scientists are increasingly confident in their suggestion that global warming may be to blame. On July 11, the United States Department of Agriculture announced natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties in 26 states due to drought. This makes the drought of 2012 the largest total area ever…

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Arctic sea ice lowest ever recorded for January 2011

Arctic Sea Ice Extent at Record Low for January, Tied Record Low for February

With North America gripped in extreme cold and harsh winter weather, the opposite scenario has played out in the Arctic.  According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and NASA Earth Observatory, Arctic sea ice extent hit the lowest ever recorded for the month of January. February tied with 2005 for lowest sea ice extent recorded for that…

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