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Nations Accelerate Plans to Realize UN Biodiversity Conservation Goals

Mexico established four new biological reserves and five other protected areas as representatives from more than 190 UN member nations adopted the Cancun Declaration, stepping up their efforts to conserve biological diversity. Will it be enough to curtail a Sixth Great Extinction?Read More

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Prime Beachfront Property: Washed Away by Rising Tides

Nearly 100 feet of prime beach has been lost in the popular Maya Riviera resort town of Playa del Carmen since 2010 despite the millions spent to preserve it. Hotel and resort owners in Cancun once again are calling on Mexico's federal government to bail them out. Read More

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CEADIR Explores Linkages Between Mexico Clean Energy and Climate Change

USAID's CEADIR (Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment and Resilience) recently organized and hosted an in-person and online discussion exploring ways Mexico can unlock its clean energy potential and realize its climate change mitigaton goals.Read More

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Mexico’s Riviera Maya: Ground Zero for Sustainable Development

Acknowledging the broad-based value Quintana Roo's diminishing forests afford society, state Governor Roberto Borge Angulo announced a 15-year strategic plan to restore 700,000 hectares (1,729,000 acres) of forest. With ongoing expansion of the tourism-driven Maya Riviera economy, prospects for success hinge on the ability to reconcile tensions and conflicts of interest inherent to notions of sustainable development.Read More