14 Steps to Reduce Black Carbon and Stabilize the Cryosphere

Climate change is causing unprecedented changes in the Earth’s regions of snow and ice, portents of profound, dramatic change for ecosystems and societies around the world, according to a joint report released by The World Bank and The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) November 4. The Earth’s cryosphere is warming more rapidly than anticipated – “at a pace unprecedentd in…

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Arctic sea ice - 2011

Effects of Global Warming Posing Threats from the Arctic to Australia

It seems climate change deniers will try every trick in the book and go to almost any lengths to spread their message and gain supporters. You can’t deny what people and all forms of life around the world are experiencing, however, or the growing mountain of evidence supporting climate change theory being amassed by good, honest climate science for that matter.

Melting glaciers across the globe will make a major contribution to sea level rise in the coming century

Melting Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

The massive ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland have long been considered the major suspect contributors of sea level rise in the coming century. But a study published last month in the journal Nature Geoscience indicates that sea level rise this century may be more of a “death from a thousand cuts” from smaller mountain glaciers and ice caps, particularly those…

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