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U.S. Announces Climate Target, Sends Important Message for COP 21

The following article originally published in the NRDC Switchboard blog and is republished here with the author’s permission Today the U.S. formally proposed that it would cut its emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. This emission reduction target shows a commitment to strong action from the U.S. to cut its carbon pollution and […]Read More

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Contradictions in Climate Change Negotiations: Tianjin to Cancun

The last round of international global warming negotiations before countries meet in Cancun, is wrapping up.  The meeting in Cancun needs to begin the process of implementing key elements of the international response to global warming.  Cancun isn’t expected to agree to a “new treaty”, establish a new “binding agreement”, or finalize all aspects of […]Read More

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COP15 Primer (part 4): Stemming Global Deforestation Emissions

There was an extensive debate in the lead-in to the Kyoto Protocol (and after) about whether incentives for reducing deforestation would be recognized as a part of the agreement.  For a number of reasons countries didn’t agree to include deforestation incentives, but did agree to allow increased forest cover to count.  Unfortunately a lot of […]Read More

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A Cop15 Primer (Part 2): Developed Country Emissions Reduction Commitments

One of the six key elements of the international agreement is: strong leadership from developed countries with firm and aggressive emissions reductions targets in the near-term (e.g., 2020 and 2030) and strong signals that they will significantly reduce emissions in the medium-term (e.g., 2050). As I discussed in Part 1, the expectations for Copenhagen are […]Read More

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Building for Success on International Global Warming Cooperation in Copenhagen

The last round of global warming negotiations before the Copenhagen meeting begins wrapped up last Friday in Barcelona.  Much of the actual negotiations were focused on getting the negotiating text and the underlying details contained in the text into better shape.  But there were also important discussions for what can be achieved in Copenhagen and […]Read More

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President-elect Obama Signals He Will Restore American Leadership on Global

At a global warming summit convened today in California, President-elect Obama signaled that he will make addressing global warming the high priority it deserves.  In the video statement telecast (here) to summit attendees from around the US and the world he stated: “Few challenges facing America — and the world — are more urgent than […]Read More