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Senator Inhofe Proud to Receive Rubber Dodo Award

Senator Inhofe deserves the 2012 Rubber Dodo award

Last week the Center for Biological Diversity presented its sixth annual Rubber Dodo Award to Senator James Inhofe, joining the ranks of other “luminaries” in their ongoing effort to drive endangered species to extinction across the globe. Inhofe is in the company of such earth-spoiling role models as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, winner of the 2008 Rubber Dodo and BP CEO Tony Hayward, who …

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Emails Reveal Argument Among Scientists for Strong Response Against McCarthyesque Attacks on Climate Science

For many, it’s time that climate scientists took off their white coats and stood up to the ongoing broadside against their work and the near-constant drumbeat from right-wing pundits and politicians that have added derision of global warming to their conservative litmus test, disavowing anyone who might dare take seriously the work of the climate science community. Earlier this month, a thread of emails …

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Inhofe’s Little World on Display at COP15

As promised, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma made a cameo appearance this morning in Copenhagen at the COP15 climate conference. His message, in the midst of intense negotiations now reaching a fever pitch, was to say that Congress will not pass any climate legislation nor agree to an international treaty, and that in America only “Hollywood elites” care about climate change. Farmers in the …

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