Indonesian Inferno Releasing More CO2 than the U.S. Economy

In just three weeks, a raging inferno in Indonesia has released more CO2 than Germany does in a year, and more than that of the entire U.S. economy. Clearing forest and altering landscapes and waterways underlain by carbon-rich peat deposits for palm oil agriculture is to blame.

Indonesia Takes Concrete Steps to Address Deforestation as a Part of Agreement with Norway

Indonesia and Norway inked a deal last week to take concrete actions to reduce Indonesia’s deforestation emissions.  Indonesia is the world’s 3rd largest emitter of global warming pollution (when deforestation emissions are included) so this is a very important effort.  The deal between Indonesia and Norway was reached in the lead-in to the Oslo forest conference where over 50 countries…

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Where Do Things Stand on International Efforts to Address Global Warming?

It is almost 3 months after the Copenhagen Accord was hammered out by 28 of the world’s key countries that represent over 80% of the world’s global warming pollution and some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change (as I discussed here).  Given the state of the Accord just after Copenhagen with some calling it a failure,…

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Bonn Climate Talks To Be Continued June 1

By setting procedural boundaries for the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen this December, it is hoped that the ongoing “pre-talks” in Bonn, Germany will bear fruit for meaningful change.

Indonesia Moves to Certify All Wood as Sustainably Derived?

This post first appeared on NRDC’s Switchboard. —————————– Interesting developments in Indonesia on the deforestation front!  An editorial in the Jakarta Post discusses a recent announcement from the Indonesian Forestry Ministry to require forest certification.  As the editorial outlines this: bold move to require forestry companies to have their wood stocks audited throughout the supply chain to ensure the wood…

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