European Union Proposal for Addressing Global Deforestation

Cross-posted from THE ENVIRONMENTALIST. ——————– The European Commission (the Commission) just released their proposal for addressing the challenges of deforestation and forest degradation to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.  This is the long awaited Communication on the European Union’s (EU’s) proposed position on global warming emissions from deforestation in the lead-up to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen.  The…

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Indonesia Moves to Certify All Wood as Sustainably Derived?

This post first appeared on NRDC’s Switchboard. —————————– Interesting developments in Indonesia on the deforestation front!  An editorial in the Jakarta Post discusses a recent announcement from the Indonesian Forestry Ministry to require forest certification.  As the editorial outlines this: bold move to require forestry companies to have their wood stocks audited throughout the supply chain to ensure the wood…

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