What’s Up With the Rainforest: Rate of Forest Loss Has Decreased, But We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet

It is no secret the impact humans have had on earth. With the world population nearing 7 billion, can we even come close to realizing the magnitude to which our impact extends? Part of the problem in understanding this is due to the fact that our influence is complicated; our actions are not only formidable, but can yield unforeseeable results….

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UN’s State Of The World’s Forests Reveals Deforestation Is Speeding Up

The United Nation’s latest report on the state of the world’s forests shows an alarming increase in the rate of deforestation. Much of this is due to a rise in palm oil plantations used to make biofuels. An economic alternative must be found to protect the world’s forests and the biodiversity and other vital environmental services these ecosystems provide.

Illegal (B)Logging and Climate Change

Illegal logging is a major problem — causing deforestation, supporting criminal groups, etc. As my colleague Jacob Scherr highlights, it is also a threat to indigenous communities. And, addressing it is an essential component of efforts to combat global warming pollution from deforestation (shhhh don’t tell anyone that secret…) — which accounts for roughly 20% of global emissions.