Messages from the Gulf: Come on In, The Water’s Fine!

To be certain, this article is late, and one hopes not too late. To begin with, a lot of folks were likely overjoyed to see the President happily swimming and splashing in the Gulf of Mexico with his daughter Sasha. The message was clear enough – Take a deep breath. All is safe, go on about your business – there…

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Republican Representative Joe Barton Apologizes to BP’s Tony Hayward, Calls Compensation Fund a “Shakedown”

Who’s feeling sorry for BP? Apparently Texas Representative Joe Barton, who in a House Energy and Commerce hearing apologized this morning to BP CEO Tony Hayward for what he characterized as a “shakedown” from the government. Further reading: White House response to Barton’s comments – The Hill Barton’s historic support of Big Oil and offshore drilling – Huffington Post The…

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