Sun-Believable solar paint

Solar Paint Technology May Revolutionize the Renewable Energy Industry

Lowering your carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gasses may become as simple as painting your home or office, thanks to breakthrough research from the University of Notre Dame.  The researchers, led by Professor Prashant Kamat, have created a new solar paint dubbed “Sun-believable,” which is laced with power producing nanoparticles capable of producing electricity.  With the ability to generate renewable…

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Clean coal may sound nice - but it is a fallacy

The Farce of Clean Coal

Clean coal is a farce by any reasonable person’s evaluation. Despite President Obama’s recent speech supporting “clean coal” as a component of our energy future, the reality is coal is neither clean nor cost effective. The coal industry has long touted low costs of coal as a major argument for their business. However it seems no study has actually examined…

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Will president Obama throw the EPA under the bus?

Will Obama Throw the EPA Under the Bus?

The Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium blogger (reposted with permission) President Obama made an energy speech this week that had little new to offer, while on Capitol Hill Republicans were pushing to relieve the government of its last options to limit carbon emissions. In the House Republicans have passed a bill that would keep…

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The Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium: EPA, Clean Air Act Facing Opposition

By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium Blogger (reposted with permission) Climate change legislation is off the table for now, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still working to regulate greenhouse gasses. The organization is up against strong opposition from Republicans and some Democrats. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is heading the charge, with the assistance of Bush-era EPA officials, now lobbyists…

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