What Earth Day Means This Year – Van Jones Sees Special Significance in 2009

Van Jones and the Catholic Church have at least one thing in common. They both see this year’s Earth Day as an especially important one with the world facing significant challenges in energy, jobs, and climate. All these issues come together on Earth Day.

EarthTalk: What Carbon Neutral Really Means and Getting More High Mileage Diesel Cars on American Roads

E Magazine’s EarthTalk for this weeks looks at the meaning of “carbon neutral” and why there aren’t more high-mileage diesel cars on American roads.

International Scientific Congress on Climate Change: Day 3 – Opportunities in a “Climate Marshall Plan”

Day three from the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change: A “Climate Marshall Plan” could lead to unprecedented global development opportunities – if governments go about it the right way.

EarthTalk: The Green Cities Movement

EarthTalk for Monday, March 2. All about the Green Cities movement