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The Business of Earth Day: A Valuable Environmental Event or Exploitative Marketing?

Has Earth Day become just another marketing opportunity for business?

The money in Earth Day Does Earth Day promote environmental action or is it merely a marketing blitz meant to sell product? The answer is of course both, Earth Day is an event that encourages environmental action throughout the year, it is also a time when marketers think of ways they can find points of identification with anything that is remotely green. It is …

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Combating the Scourge of Greenwashing

Green marketing has never been more popular, but not all green claims are created equal. Businesses are increasingly cognizant of the value of socially and ethically conscious consumers. Between 2007 and 2009, the in-store availability of ‘green’ products has increased between 40% and 176%. Globally, the market for sustainable products and services is worth US$550 billion per year and this number is expected to …

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Client Zero: A Case Study – Making Good on the Green Promise

There is widespread interest in green products and entrepreneurs are increasingly eager to reap the benefits. This abbreviated case study reviews some of the challenges associated with green start-ups, it is also a cautionary tale for those seeking to profit from the rising tide of green consumerism. The client in this case study changed my firm’s consultation process, so from our perspective, this is Client Zero. In the spring …

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