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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in GOP Budget Crosshairs

Tell your Senator to remove drilling in the Refuge from the budget Contact your Senator now! A Medium post published by the Wilderness Society lays out the new threats facing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Congress is set to vote this month on a provision in the proposed budget allowing drilling activity in the refuge. […]Read More

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The Facts on U.S. Green Job Growth

Green career growth: getting the facts straight Despite Republican subterfuge, the facts clearly show that the Obama administration’s support for green jobs has helped to improve the U.S. employment picture. Green job creation is a central part of a favorable employment trend. According to October data, unemployment has fallen to 7.8 percent, its lowest level in four […]Read More

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The Koch Brother’s Ties to GOP Presidential Candidates

Oil billionaires David and Charles Koch use their oil wealth to misinform Americans and influence the GOP. The Koch brothers have spent $55 million to fund climate denial front groups, their agenda includes efforts to undermine the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Koch Industries has given generously to conservative politicians throughout the country at both the federal and state level and many Republicans […]Read More

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Rick Perry’s Meager Environmental Efforts May Be Too Much For

Rick Perry is the Texas governor and former Democrat who has quickly become a frontrunner in the contest for the GOP presidential nomination. Perry officially announced his candidacy for President on Saturday, August 13. Perry may be the longest-serving governor in America, but his environmental record is troubling to both ends of the political spectrum. According to the Energy Information Administration, […]Read More

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In the Wake of the US Credit Downgrade Cuts to

A truly balanced approach to managing America’s debt involves reduced mandatory spending while at the same time, investing in the green economy. Despite the doom associated with Standard & Poor’s downgrading of U.S. treasury debt, a political window may have opened that could see entitlement reform as a means of advancing the low carbon economy. Sustainability is the biggest opportunity of the century, and an extraordinary […]Read More

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Union Busting and the GOP’s War Against the Environment

Republican efforts to break unions in states across America have dire implications for the environment. It is no secret that the GOP are opposed to unions and those who advocate on behalf of the environment. Union-busting, like the Republican war on the EPA, is part of a multi-pronged thrust to undermine the Democrats and environmental protection. Unions are the Democrats’ power base, the same […]Read More

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Chevron in Ecuador; GOP Aims to Kill EPA

The Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium blogger (reposted with permission) An Ecuadorian judge ordered Chevron this week to pay $8.6 billion in damages for polluting the Amazon rainforest from 1964 until 1990. The payout is the second largest ever in an environmental case, with only the damages BP agreed […]Read More