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Heating Up: New Concerns about the Amazon

The Amazon River basin - known as the "lungs of the planet" - face significant threats

At one time, experts believed that the Amazon couldn’t catch fire because it was just too damp. However, as the ocean near the forest gets warmer, conditions in the Amazon have changed over time. Because the Atlantic is pulling moisture from the forest, it leaves the area vulnerable to fires, like the ones that occurred in 2005 and 2010.

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EarthTalk: Wildlife and Global Warming

Climate change is affecting many more species than polar bears. The National Audubon Society found that 60 percent of the 305 avian species in North America during winter have shifted their ranges northward by an average of 35 miles, thanks to warming temperatures. The American Goldfinch, pictured here, has moved some 200 miles north in the last 40 years

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: I know that polar bears are losing ice cover due to climate change, but what are other ways that global warming affects wildlife around the globe? – Hanna Bond, Hartford, CT Although perhaps the best known examples, polar bears certainly aren’t the only wildlife species …

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Budget Passed in Congress Will Invest in International Efforts to Curb Global Warming (but still not enough)

NRDC - the Switchboard

This post first appeared on the Natural Resources Defense Council blog Switchboard The long drama of whether or not the US Congress would invest in international efforts to curb global warming pollution or gut these investments is finally over – at least for the rest of this fiscal year.  Last week President Obama signed into law a budget for the rest of this fiscal …

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Climate Change Negotiations Part Way through the Week in Tianjin

Countries meeting here in Tianjin, China are trying to make final progress before the world comes together in Cancun.  As I outlined there are some essential elements that need to be agreed in Cancun to prove to the world that this process can deliver real action, to begin to implement key elements of the international response to climate change, and to lay the foundation …

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Key Steps on Global Warming Need to be Agreed in Mexico at COP16 Later This Year

This December, 194 countries will be in Cancun, Mexico to continue negotiations on international efforts to address climate change.  My colleagues and I are in Mexico City this week for a series of discussions with key government officials, NGOs, businesses, and members of the media so we’ve been reflecting on Cancun. The Cancun climate negotiation session (COP16) must serve three critical functions to ensure …

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