Megacities Carbon Project: monitoring emissions from the world's largest cities

Video Friday: Los Angeles, Paris to Participate in Megacities Carbon Project

Cities are responsible for 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Los Angeles and Paris are both participating in the Megacities Carbon Project, a research study by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop and test methods for more accurately measuring greenhouse gas emissions from cities and power plants. The stated goal of the project is to “demonstrate a…

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COP15 Primer (part 3): Developing Action to Reduce Global Warming Pollution

“If only developing countries would take action to reduce their global warming pollution”. That is the refrain that was heard in capitals around the world for years.  This was driven partly by a concern over competitiveness in some places (e.g., the US and EU).  And it was also driven by the reality that global emissions (both developed and developing country)…

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New MIT Study: Smaller Cuts, If Taken Now, Can Minimize Climate Risk

Even “moderate” cuts in greenhouse gas emissions may be sufficient to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change, says new MIT study. But only if those moderate cuts start now, not in 2020, where many emissions targets take initial aim. Without swift action, even more aggressive cuts may not be enough to stop extreme climate disruption. The climate “guardrail”…

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