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The Lesser Known Correlation between Recycling and Climate Change

Recycling and climate change

Guest post by Anne Staley Last year, Sims Metal Management, one of the world’s leading scrap metal management companies, celebrated the first anniversary of its mobile education center called Recyclarium. Designed as an innovative learning experience for students and their families, the 16-foot trailer consists of themes covering the lifecycle of products – right from manufacturing down to recycling. The initiative taken by Sims …

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Video: New Research on Climate Sensitivity

New research show a complex and revealing picture of climate sensitivity

Climate sensitivity is the degree to which global climate responds to a change in the amount of energy in the climate system. More specifically it is defined as the “equilibrium change in response to changes of the radiative forcing.” In terms of anthropogenic climate change, it indicates how much the climate will change in response to human factors affecting climate, such as CO2 emissions, land use …

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Video Friday: Climate, Arctic Sea Ice and Weather Whiplash

We have two videos today from Yale Climate Forum exploring the connection between Arctic ice, the jet stream and “weather whiplash.” In the first video, Rutgers University climate researcher Dr.Jennifer Francis and Dr. Jeff Masters discusses this connection in terms of the “mirror image” spring weather over much of North America between 2012 and 2013. In the second video, climatologist Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the …

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How Reliable are Used Hybrids & Electric Vehicles?

How reliable are used hybrids and electric cars?

By Michael Crowe Years of outrageous gas prices, poor auto emissions, increased global climate change, and celebrity endorsements of the Prius have all of us on the road going green. Almost every major automaker has responded will hybrid and/or electric options, from the compact Ford Focus electric to the full-sized pick-up Chevy Silverado hybrid. But what exactly are the costs and benefits of buying …

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Climate Change Just Science Mobile App Visualizes BEST Study

Just Science mobile app provided interactive climate change map

In an effort to counter the years of concerted effort to sow doubt and confusion regarding climate science, Novim makes available a new mobile app called “Just Science” giving the user an interactive picture of the world’s changing climate. The app reflects the recently completed Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) scientific analysis of global climate change. The Just Science mobile app is available for free …

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