Ormat Secures $42 million for Geothermal Power Plant in Guatemala

Reno, Nevada-based Ormat Technologies secures $42 million in debt financing to carry on with expansion plans at the Lake Amatitlan geothermal power plant in Guatemala.

US, Iceland & New Zealand Launch Renewables Pilot Projects in the Caribbean, South Pacific

Iceland, New Zealand and US teams, part of the EDIN partnership to help island nations develop and make a transition to renewable energy powered economies and societies announced its first three pilot projects last week.

El Salvador Utility Commissions Geothermal Plant, Highlighting Potential in Central America

LaGeo and Enex have brought an additional 9.3-MW geothermal power plant on line in El Salvador, highlighting the region’s vast geothermal resource potential.

Salt Lake City Looks to Geothermal, Obama Stimulus to Keep “Green” Momentum Going

If passed, Pres. Obama’s stimulus plan would provide an added boost to local and state government efforts to address climate change by more proactively developing renewable energy resources. Having achieved significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from its municipal operations, Salt Lake City recently announced a plan to study the feasibility of tapping low temperature geothermal resources to generate electricity on a cost-effective, long-term basis.

Lake Amatitlan Geothermal First to Receive UN CDM Emission Reduction Credits

The Lake Amititlan Geothermal Project has become the first in Guatemala, and for plant builder and operator Ormat Technologies, to qualify for UN Clean Development Mechanism certified emission reduction credits.

Out With the Coal & Oil, In With the Geothermal in East Africa’s Rift Valley

Growing acknowledgment of the unaccounted for cost of fossil fuels in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, ecological degradation, economic development and foreign policy have sparked interest in a wide range of alternative fuel and power resources. One of the most promising and perhaps underestimated has been geothermal power. That’s changing. The UN Environment Program and General Environment Facility released the results of a geothermal test program in Kenya that bodes well for geothermal power’s future not only in the East Africa Rift Valley but around the world.

Low Carbon, Clean Energy, Growth, Jobs & Geothermal

Need some hard evidence that transitioning to a low carbon, renewable energy powered society can generate jobs, growth and profits? Look no further than companies like Ormat Technologies, which just announced completion of a geothermal power plant in Kenya.