America's Energy Future

America’s Energy Security – Obama’s Full Speech

Yesterday we summarized president Obama’s energy speech at Georgetown University calling for, among other things, a one-third reduction in imports of foreign oil by 2025. Following is the full speech: [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpRTtfmXXLY&feature=relmfu’]

President Obama calls for one-third reduction in oil imports by 2025

Obama Calls for One-Third Reduction in Foreign Oil Imports by 2025

In a speech at Georgetown University today, president Obama called for reducing the nation’s dependence of foreign oil by one-third by 2025. Realizing that he comes in a long line of past presidents calling for decreased dependency on energy imports, Obama acknowledged that “we’ve been down this road before.” ” …we can’t rush to action when gas prices are high…

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