Video Friday: Our Grandkids Future

This short video from John Price, a retired Australian physician and university teacher, speaks eloquently of our responsibility to future generations. Visit his website grandkidzfuture for more.

Video Friday: Permaculture – Ecological Engineering Modeled on Nature

Permaculture consultant Geoff Lawton speaks at a TEDx event in San Francisco about the importance of permaculture, the interconnectedness of all biological and ecological systems, and the need for “eco-systemic” design to advance human culture and sustainability  for future generations. Culture: a particular stage of civilization defined by the way people relate to the land and to each other  ——————- I…

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Video Friday: The Voice of Future Generations

In 1992 Severn Suzuki, then 12 years old, addressed the first UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Her eloquence and self-possession “silenced the world” for just a few minuets as the young girl pleaded for a sustainable future. Has anything changed since then?

Australia’s Andrew Leigh Addresses Climate Change, Asks Doubters to Go on the Record

I found this video from Dr. Andrew Leigh MP. A member of the Australian House of Representatives, Leigh gives a straightforward and heartfelt statement on climate change to his fellow legislators. Australia has recently endured devastating floods and brutal droughts, the window on a warming world is open down under. Even so, Australia has their doubters, to which Leigh asks…

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