Boycott Fox News Advertisers

The Time Is Now For Fox News Advertisers To Pull Their Ads

Growing pressure on the leaders of Fox News to reflect on the consequences of cashing in by feeding the culture a steady of the politics of hate and fear.

Musings of a Malcontent: Don’t Mess with the Muppets

“Musings of a Malcontent” is a weekly op-ed by GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Carlyle Coash Is it me or has everyone lost their minds? About a month ago the Muppets were attacked on Fox News for indoctrinating the young people of this country into “hating corporate America” by promoting a liberal/communist agenda in which these so-called youth are brainwashed with class warfare….

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Fox and Friends Sound the Alarm on SpongeBob’s Global Warming Agenda – Seriously

Fox and Friends wants you to know that there’s a real danger out there for your children – Gretchen, Steve, and some other guy are sounding the alarm (they’re downright alarmist!). Children are at risk because Spongebob is pushing a “global warming agenda”. Check it out: What did Fox and Friends miss because of the vigilance against indoctrinating children into a…

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