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The Fossil Fuel Industry is Rotten to the Core

Exxon is a corporate devil but it is not alone in its demonic subterfuge. Exxon is being investigated for criminal wrongdoings and some other fossil fuel companies are also coming under legal scrutiny. In November, a criminal investigation was launched into Exxon and a month later, many other fossil fuel industry CEO’s were formally asked […]Read More

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ALEC Must Die

There is a sinister force that is corrupting American politics by giving the most environmentally destructive elements of Big Business significant control over state legislatures. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) turns 40 this year. This organization is composed of large corporations and state lawmakers. They draft environmentally harmful model laws that have been adopted […]Read More

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How the Fossil Fuel Industry is Subverting Democracy and Undermining

While most know that the fossil fuel industry is the leading source of climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions, few appreciate the extent of their control over federal and state legislators. Oil and gas companies have donated $238.7 million to candidates and parties since the 1990 election cycle, 75 percent of which has gone to […]Read More

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Video Friday: Greedy Lying Bastards Preview – Follow the Money

Last weekend I had the opportunity to preview a new documentary from director and documentarian Craig Rosebraugh called Greedy Lying Bastards. The film takes an in depth look at the labyrinthian reach of Big Oil and Big Money into the halls of power and commerce. The aim of these shadow interests is to sow doubt in the reality of […]Read More

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Mitt Romney’s Love Affair with the Fossil Fuel Industry

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. It is but the latest incarnation of a longstanding Republican obsession with oil and gas. Romney’s energy strategy is reliant on Canada’s environmentally disastrous tar sands. He wants to expedite the Keystone XL pipeline, reduce regulations on hydraulic fracturing and ease the permitting process for offshore […]Read More

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GOP VP Candidate Ryan’s Unsustainable Voting Record on Energy and

Paul Ryan is the Republican Party’s pick for VP and he is also an outspoken climate change skeptic. Representative Ryan is an unflinching supporter of the fossil fuel industry who has a very poor voting record on environmental and energy issues. Although he is touted as the intellectual leader of the GOP, Ryan has cast […]Read More

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Heartland Institute’s Deniergate: A New Definition for Irony

The past few days haven’t been very pleasant for the faux think tank Heartland Institute. On Tuesday a source going by the name of “Heartland Insider” leaked several strategy documents and Heartland’s 2012 budget to the DeSmogBlog. A leading mouthpiece for climate denial and the fossil fuel industry, the right-wing lobbying group now finds itself at the […]Read More