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Six Tropical Forest Countries Qualify for Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Grants

Six countries qualify for forest carbon partnership

Chile, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Thailand and Vanuatu all submitted REDD+ Readiness Plans, thus qualifying for $23 million in grants, indicating that progress, through slow and halting, is being made at the international level to halt deforestation, forest degradation and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

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Forest Carbon Release from Pine Beetle Infestation Not as Severe as Expected

Forests devastated by pine beetle infestation may not release the huge flux of carbon as once feared

As large swaths of western forests in North America succumb to pine beetle infestation, due in part to warming winters, preliminary studies show that the dead, decaying trees are not releasing the huge flux of CO2 previously feared by scientists. According to a study just released in the journal Ecology Letters, despite the billions of trees killed in the pine beetle infestation ranging from Mexico to …

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