Big Bank Tar Sands Financing More than Doubled in 2017

The world’s biggest banks continue to hasten the coming of extreme climate change by raising financing “extreme fossil fuels” exploration, production, distribution and consumption.

Carbon capture and storage pros and cons explained

Carbon Capture And Storage: Solution or Boondoggle? – The Pros And Cons

Is CCS, or carbon capture and storage, a promising technology to help the world deal with carbon emissions from coal-fired power plant, or a dangerous and unproven boondoggle offering false hope?

Major Economies Forum Negotiators Report Progress in Climate Talks

Progress is made with difficult issues facing the Major Economies Forum on energy, development, and climate

Geothermal Energy Receives A $350 Million Boost

The Obama administration announces $350 million to develop geothermal energy.

FAO Urges Negotiators to Include Agriculture in Post-Kyoto Climate Pact

The UN FAO is urging climate negotiators to incorporate agriculture into the post-Kyoto climate pact currently being negotiated, an effort that if successful could address the interlinked challenges of climate change mitigation adaptation, food security, poverty alleviation and environmental degradation in an integrated manner.

Sunset on the “American Century”

It’s Election Day and whoever wins, the new President and administration will be taking hold of the reins of national stewardship at a critical juncture in American history…There are troubling signs even beyond those of the current banking, financial system and economic crisis.