The energy water nexus in Europe: Tinsley Cooling Towers, Sheffield, England

The EU: Climate Change Threats at the Water-Energy Nexus

Climate change poses a growing threat across European Union society – at the nexus of water and energy resource availability and use in particular. Warming water temperatures and reduced river flows will make thermal coal and nuclear, as well as hydro power, plants vulnerable to rising costs, reduced availability and decreasing output, according to long-term study published by the International…

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Wind power capacity for EU grows in 2012

EU Wind Power Capacity Up 12.3 Percent, Surpasses 100-GW in 2012

Installed wind power generation capacity rose 12.3% in the 27-member EU, with Denmark, Spain and Portugal leading the way on a per-capita basis, according to EurObserv’ER’s 2012 annual wind power report.