Scientists Slam Lawmakers Attempt to Block EPA Regulation of Emissions

In an effort to dissuade congressional leaders to halt their anti-science campaign opposing the Environmental Protection Agency’s endangerment finding signed by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson late last year specifying carbon emissions as a risk to human health and welfare, more than 500 scientists have signed a letter urging Congress to oppose resolutions seeking to reverse that finding. Organized by the…

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Environmentalists Take Aim at Senator Murkowski With Parody Website “PolluterHarmony” – Murkowski Claims Unfair

The Give and Take of Washington: If You Can’t Take It, Then Don’t Give It… In a press release last week, Greenpeace announced the launch of PolluterHarmony. The parody website, created through Greenpeace’s PolluterWatch, seeks to match “lobbyists. CEO’s, and propagandists” with easy and willing public officials to help ease the path to buying and selling influence and “sabotage our clean…

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Podcast: Bush Era Endangerment Finding Shows Health Risk of CO2

climate news posdcast for October 20 [podcast]http://www.globalwarmingisreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/episode_10-133.mp3[/podcast] Energy and Environment (E&E) reporters Darren Samuelsohn and Robin Bravender reveal a 29-page endangerment document from 2007 showing the Bush-era EPA had concluded that CO2 gases should be regulated under the Clean Air Act.