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Environmental Migration Highlights Socioeconomic Costs of Climate Change

2013's over 600 natural disasters resulted in 37 mass migrations of between 100,000 to more than 4 million people. World leaders are set to meet in Japan to try to address the situation by updating the Hyogo Framework for Action.Read More

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People Around the World Facing Prospect of Large-Scale Forced Migrations

With floods inundating towns and cities, longtime residents of Bangkok and nearby areas of central Thailand, including the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, may wind up having to migrate. Governments around the world are generally ill-prepared and ill-equipped to cope with, much less manage, forced mass migrations on such a scale, but they would have to if global temperatures increase by just a few degrees by 2100, according to the results of a recently concluded study undertaken by an international group of 12 scientists. Read More