Giving Thanks for a Green Planet: Living in Harmony With the Earth

Editor’s note: This post originally published in Richard’s blog “The Green Market” and is republished here with his permission (and we are thankful!) Thanksgiving is the perfect time to deepen commitments to greener living and more sustainable business practices. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for everything we have, and it is only natural that we should show our appreciation…

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Christopher Swain: Swimming for a Healthier World is a Lesson in Life and a Vision for the Future

Chris Swain is swimming 1000 miles of the Atlantic ocean, from Marblehead, MA to Washington DC, to help raise awareness about the fate of our oceans and teach kids about caring for the environment.

Energy and Peak Oil: Richard Heinberg on Peak Oil and Our Energy Future in the 21st Century

A lecture presented by educator and author Richard Heinberg on energy and peak oil, and what it means for society in the 21st century. Heinberg is senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Sebastopol, California.