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The Slaughter of Innocents: Our Complicity in the Murder of Environmentalists

Remi Fraisse

All around the world, people who are on the front lines of efforts to protect our planet are murdered for their eco-advocacy. They put their lives on the line, and they are being slaughtered while the world does not appear to notice. Many other environmentalists are subject to intimidation, violence, stigmatization and criminalization. As revealed in a Global Warming is Real article, environmentalists are …

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Celebrating the Global Power of Environmental Activism on World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2013

Environmental activism is an increasingly global phenomenon that is changing the way people relate to the planet. It is fitting that as we acknowledge World Environment Day (WED) on Wednesday June 5th, we celebrate the global power of environmental activism. This year marks the United Nations 41st WED, an annual event that aspires to be the world’s most widely celebrated global day for positive …

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The Importance (or not) of Climate Change Rallies

Do climate change rallies really help bring about effective change?

Seems every day there is a new rally related to the environment.  Usually they’re in Washington D.C., and usually they’re related to a specific environmental policy or business decision citizens are asking politicians to stop. But in the 21st century, should we re-evaluate the effectiveness of a rally?  In a recent episode of the (will be short-lived) NBC sitcom 1600 Penn, a group of …

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New Media and the Environmental Movement’s Grassroots Globalization

Global grassroots environmental activism finds a powerful ally in new media

New media is helping environmental activists to combat the powerful propaganda and immense resources of the old energy economy. Although environmental groups cannot outspend or outmaneuver entrenched economic interests, the adoption of new media levels the playing field and democratizes the debate. New media encompasses the amalgamation of traditional media with the interactive power of computers, communications technology, computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly, the Web. …

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