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Alternative Energy Initiatives Require Cross Fertilization Between Information Technology, Social Networks And Energy Sector

Alternative energy grids are a thing of the future. Their successful introduction at local and community level depends a lot on eliminating information gaps and getting people organized. Britain is undeniably far ahead in thinking up practical schemes.  A recent study by the Energy Savings Trust in the UK outlines in depth how the social revolution can truly explode by including real life energy …

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Obama Seeks Urgent and Quick Action on Climate Change

While reassuring the world that “there is only one president at a time” in the United States, president-elect Barack Obama is sending definitive signals he takes seriously his campaign rhetoric of a “Planet in Peril” and intends to take quick action to address climate change early in his administration. One such signal was sent when he sent policy advisor Jason Grumet to an environmental conference in Washington DC this week in …

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