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The Complicated Environmental Alliances in the 2014 Midterms

Earth taken before its time. Will anything change in the 2014 midterm elections?

The US midterms are right are around the corner, but an analysis of environmental alliances shows the situation is far more complicated in 2014 than it was in previous election cycles. As the political theater unfolds, the clock is ticking down and we are rapidly running out of time to curb emissions and reign in climate change. While some things have changed in 2014, …

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What is Wrong with Star Powered Environmental Advocacy

Hanging on every word. Despite their best intentions, does star-powered environmental advocacy run the risk of succumbing to the fickle and shallow tendencies in our society?

Environmental advocacy and star power What harm can there be from celebrities who provide material support, raise environmental awareness and encourage ecological action? We live in a culture of celebrity worship, we are bombarded with their images in advertising, film, television and online. Whether we are consumers of pop culture or not, there is no denying that celebrities hold a lot of sway with …

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Roundup of U.S. Environmental Achievements in 2013

The environmental achievements of 2013 show that we can act as good stewards of the planet

In 2013, concerned people, organizations and companies in the U.S. and around the world helped move environmental causes forward. From new legislation to the protection of habitats and ecosystems, here is a sampling of U.S. environmental achievements in 2013. Environmental success stories A new study showed that a solid majority of Americans accept the reality of global warming and are calling for action on …

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Making Green Sexy and Spiritual

A deeper connection to love and spirituality is needed to effectively communicate sustainabiltiy

Sustainability needs a new language that is more accessible and more compelling to the average person. Business, government, and other organizations are making strides advancing sustainability but we need wider involvement and faster growth. Although we are seeing increasing levels of environmental activism, we need to expand the message to reach a larger circle of people. We must do more than preach solely to …

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Republicans Contribute to Climate Change but Resist Aid for Sandy Relief

Republican deny climate change and deny assistance to those devastated by extreme weather

Republican resistance to environmental protections and unwavering support for fossil fuels drives climate change, yet they oppose aid to those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. Conventional wisdom indicates that individual storms cannot be attributed to climate change. However, as explained in a Scientific American article, “that statement does not mean that we cannot say that climate change is making storms bigger….Hurricane Sandy has emboldened …

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