ocean energy

Ocean Power: Renewable Energy Orphan?

Marine renewables aren’t attracting the attention that other renewable energy resources and technology are, but that doesn’t mean that there’s still a good chance we’ll see a lot more in the way of wave, tidal stream, ocean current. ocean thermal and hydrokinetic power projects in coming years.

Financial, Economic Crises Invigorate Opposition to Renewables, Climate Change Legislation

The financial crisis and recession, along with the results of the latest elections, have invigorated opposition to renewable energy, clean tech and climate change legislation despite broad popular support and the increasingly evident costs of inaction.

Investment Managers Call on Congress to Enact Strong Climate Change Action Plan

A group of 35 large institutional investors delivered a letter to Congressional leaders calling on them to enact broad, coordinated and strong legislation that would spur efforts to improve energy efficiency and conservation and spur development, adoption and use of a range of clean energy resources, including national standards for power generation, renewable fuels and energy efficient buildings.

Kicking the Fossil Fuel Habit: Germany-US Agree Transatlantic Climate-Energy Pact

In the wake of launching the “Transatlantic Climate Bridge,” reps from Germany and the US, including Frank Loy, the Obama campaign’s climate adviser, were on hand to discuss prospects for US leadership at a two-day climate change and energy event in D.C.