Four Ways the U.S. and China Can Start Cooperating Now to Reduce Emissions and Tackle Climate Change Together

Barbara Finamore, The Natural Resource Defense Council’s China program director, outlines four proposals to help the U.S. and China work together to fight global warming.

New Orleans Gets Smart on Energy as it Rebuilds

Energy efficient buildings and solar power are key elements of efforts to rebuild and revitalize New Orleans. The Dept. of Energy and National Renewable Energy Lab are joining with other public and private sector organizations as the “Big Easy” recovers from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Investment Managers Call on Congress to Enact Strong Climate Change Action Plan

A group of 35 large institutional investors delivered a letter to Congressional leaders calling on them to enact broad, coordinated and strong legislation that would spur efforts to improve energy efficiency and conservation and spur development, adoption and use of a range of clean energy resources, including national standards for power generation, renewable fuels and energy efficient buildings.

National Renewable Electricity Standard Introduced in the House

Looking to energy policy to address climate change and the recession, Reps. Markey and Platts have introduced bi-partisan legislation in the US House of Representatives that would establish a national renewable electricity standard along the lines of those established by 27 US states and the District of Columbia. Rep. Markey also introduced a bill that aims to cut electricity demand and create jobs by establishing energy efficiency standards for homes and buildings.